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Carte Blanche with Kimi Juan

Having met Kimi Juan in the earliest days of our line, she became a mold for the modern day Filipina: an Áraw girl whose face graced our first collections and postcards some years ago, eventually growing to be a longtime collaborator and friend.

While working on an array of projects and advocacies, Kimi has also been busy realizing a project for her family of three: Casa Caja, a loving and mindfully considered home nestled in the suburbs south of Metro Manila. Inspired by the couple's trips, their conscious lifestyle, and their predisposition for neutral design, the space is continuously evolving to accommodate the next stages of their lives— a "carte blanche" for what's to come.

Below, we sit down with Kimi to reflect on her continued growth, her foray into motherhood, and how Áraw has transitioned with her throughout the years.


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