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Blank Canvas Series #1: SPLICE

Presenting our first look book ‘SPLICE’ as part of the new Blank Canvas series where our debut line is shot on 35mm film in the streets of Melbourne for an alternative spin on the usual basics.

In collaboration with Australian creatives Georgia Gaillard and Nicole Saliba, the shoot takes place in the city’s Northern Suburbs where you can find a mixed bag of cultures and a real appreciation for independent labels and vintage fashion.

The look book aims to capture our strongest influences - from the tropical fabrics and colors of motherland Philippines, laid back meets cosmopolitan upbringing in Melbourne to the most recent residency in street wear heavy Berlin.

Áraw will be available at contemporary surf store Tenant Manila, 9639 Kamagong St, San Antonio Village Makati from February 11 until February 19. An afternoon event will be held at Tenant Cafe at 3-7pm on Saturday February 11.

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