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Áraw is joined by photographer Redge Hawang for “Bahay-bahayan” (playing house).

Seen in the editorial is an array of pieces created to ease the transition into the upcoming rainy season.

Influenced by the play between a couple within the comforts of a new home, the photographer engages in a similar narrative with Áraw—capturing our newest pieces, donned to simulate daily life in our line’s myriad of tropical staples; going from day to night, lounge to play, indoors to out.

Bahay-bahayan” features the familiar silhouettes of the recently released “Bilad” collection, now in a new spectrum of colors and hues.

The look book also provides glimpses of highly anticipated pieces awaiting release.

The capsule release of new color ways are now available in store and online.

Photography by: Redge Hawang

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