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Double Dribble

Following its debut release last December, Áraw Men's makes a comeback with a brand new collection and look book entitled ‘Double Dribble’. In this release, we bear in mind our nation's sporting heritage and culture, particularly the strength of our ties with the game of basketball.

We proudly reimagine vintage cuts and envision them in the context of contemporary urban menswear. The garments specialise in living between sharp and playful, manifesting in the bold and charismatic details each and every piece holds. It broadens the Áraw colour scheme of sunny pastels and earth tones with the introduction of its harmonious use of contrasting red, black, and white.

The Philippine Basketball Association plays a significant role in the Filipino's life. Having been established almost half a century ago, it has grown to be a part of the hearts of our countrymen as we ride along teams' failure and success. Hence, we are joined by PBA player Matt Wright in unveiling the collection. Matt represents who the modern Filipino man is and may aspire to be: a result of global influences coupled with an unwavering recognition of national identity.

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