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Áraw Year 05 - 'Muli'

Bringing you a new collection that celebrates five years of Áraw: Muli (n. anew), a natural progression from seasons past. Inspired by the urban blueprint of our city, the collection employs brutalist elements that pare pieces down to only the essentials. A clear departure from the festive colors that have filled our space, we now find ourselves focusing on form and foundations — punctuated by a combination of textures within a palette of neutral hues, as well as geometric updates on novel textiles. Among the latest arrivals are artful experiments on contrast: raw yet refined, strong yet non-complex.

Our narrative is brought to life in the Ramon Magsaysay Center, a powerful space rife with creative repurposing: from its monumental tree-like pillars clad in travertine to the discipline, elegance, and technique present in its iconic narra panelling. A remark on urbanity and gleam, it foregrounds the spatial qualities that continue to surround us and influence the collection.

An aesthetic reset for the season anew, Muli is a form of minimalism that is true to Áraw, rooted in our continually growing desire for contemporary individuality. An accompanying selection for the people who have grown with the line, Muli is a foray into a new era of maturation for our brand.

We invite you to view our fifth year collection as it makes its way to our stores and online.

Hanggang sa Muli.


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