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Áraw x Paulina Paige

In line with the eventful weekend, we would like to officially announce our capsule release alongside Paulina Ortega’s collection of hand painted silk scarves entitled “The Things You Call Home”.

Áraw worked with muse, graphic designer and visual artist Paulina Ortega in crafting limited edition pieces. Staying true to our line’s staples, we present you with special Áraw pamaypays, all featuring Paulina’s designs: Siesta, Titas, Mangga, Bulaklak, and Dalaga—duly inspired by Amorsolo’s infamous “Dalagang Bukid”, also known as our Terno Girl.

We explore the collection further with the release of the newest additions to Áraw: the Dalaga dress and the Tita jumpsuit. Both pieces echo timeless Filipina dressing—from borrowing characteristics from mestiza dresses and sayas to more bold and contemporary cuts.

The Dalaga dress and the Tita jumpsuit are now available for preorder on the webshop. See it here.


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